Alice Green – Ginger Cookie

Ginger Cookie

We enjoy redheads, Alice! Why don’t you grow out your thicket?
“Because everyone trims their genitals these days. And a lot of boys think thicket is horny! Plus, I was always self-conscious about having crimson goods. People used to tease me about it and call me fire groin. So I clean-shaved everything off, and I think I like it better this way. Shaving makes it smell better and feel softer. And no hair is in the way when a guy eats me out.”

You’ve had hookup? But you sight so virginal!
“Everyone always tells me I look so yummy and harmless! I guess it’s the red hair and curls that make me view so wholesome. I mean, I am a cute lady. I just happen to be a lovely doll who enjoys fuck-stick and beaver! You can be both mischievous and adorable, right?”

Lots of boys like crimson goods, you know.
“Now that I think of it, I might have heard something about that before. I guess if a dude indeed wanted me to grow out my bush, I would do it to turn him on. I’d better get lots of phat geysers of spunk for that!”

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