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Nubile Films – Afternoon Pleasure featuring Olivia Devine

Added on: 04/17/2015

Wearing only a brassiere and panties, mischievous Olivia Devine lets Denis Reed know that she’s interested in some sexy times by quietly running her fingers all over her taut tiny bod while maintaining eye contact with him. Her light grope paws over her boobs and stomach, over her gams and then lodges on her pulsing cunny before Denis lets her know that he gets the hint.

Pulling Olivia onto the couch, Denis pulls her undies aside and lodges in for the cootchie celebrate that she covets. When the blonde is all heated up and prepared for more activity, she switches places with Denis and pulls out his big firm fellow rod so that she can slip her throat over the head and go to town tonguing and deepthroating her salty treat.

Climbing onto Denis’s lap, Olivia gropes her shaved g-spot over his member to stretch her juices everywhere and then slides down until her spinner figure is fully punctured. Moments later she is bouncing away with pumping hips in a steady tempo that gets her gasping her delight.

Continuing her stiffie rail, Olivia rolls around so that she is facing Denis as she rails away. Her bod keeps up the stable tempo until her climax looms close, at which point she speeds up until she is plowing away at Denis’s rod!

Denis isn’t willing to let Olivia stop at one, however! Flipping her onto her forearms and knees so that she is taking a from the rear cootchie poking, Dennis hammers into her taut moist smash crevice until Olivia is screaming once again. Moments later, Denis extracts of her womanly sheath to spill his batter all over her back and bottom in a completion of their sex.

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